Depot Repair Managed Inventory

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How ServIT is responding…

We understand the uncertainty you may be experiencing at this time. ServIT is constantly reassessing the fluid situation to ensure we are doing all we can to protect our customers and employees while maintaining high level Depot Repair and Managed Inventory services.

Keep Distance
Stay Supported

Send your broken item to our location. Our team of knowledgeable engineers will repair your item and ship back to your location.

Save Money

Switching from onsite services to Depot Repair SAVES YOU MONEY. Depot Repair is a cost savings, innovative alternative to on-site support. Now’s the time to save money without sacrificing service levels.

Save Time

With these uncertain times, there’s been an increase in technology demands. This leads to low supplies, increased pricing and longer lead times. Minimize downtime… if you have a failure, we can fix your item and send it back to you quicker than it would take to buy new.

Don’t fret it…
Let us depot repair your items.

Depot Repair & Managed Inventory Services

Managed Inventory

Our Managed Inventory program is designed to fit your specific needs. We start with a seed inventory based on your product set and usage. When you request a part to be shipped from your inventory we’ll include an ARS label and instructions. Upon return, your defective board will be place back in your inventory to await repair. We monitor your usage on a weekly basis and schedule repair work to ensure you always have a minimum of 30-days usage repaired and ready to ship. Repairs are not billed until you request the part to ship. We’ll notify you of any un-repairable items and if your inventory drops below a minimum quality. This worry free program can offer substantial time savings, cost savings and peace of mind.

Depot Repair

Depot Repair can be preformed as needed at a potential savings of up to 90% versus purchasing the same part. Repairs are completed within 3-5 business days. All repairs are warrantied for 90-days. Depot Repair offerings include circuit boards, print mechanisms and whole machine repair and refurbishment.


We offer repairs on mobile devices, laptops and scanners. These devices are often subject to extreme temperatures, moisture and physical damage. Broken screens are the most common failures as well as cracked cases, expired batteries, worn buttons and port damage.

What’s Covered

We repair products from a variety of manufacturers.

If it’s not working and it plugs in the wall…
give us a call.