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IT with a Human Connection

Our model is built around people communicating and getting things done together. We will always be one personal phone call away. Our word is our bond.

IT that addresses Small Businesses

IT needs can grow fast, especially for small and medium businesses. Instead of capital investment, partnering with ServIT can save time and money.

Smooth Operating Managed Services

Many managed service providers fall short of delivering because they do not “block-and-tackle” well. Proven processes are what drives reliability.

Worldclass Software and Data Centers

Hardware and software can cost companies major capital. We can provide the hardware and software for any company to operate effectively.

We say what we mean

Technology is never perfect – the one thing we ask our clients is to judge us on our response when something happens.

100% U.S. Based

Many providers use vendors to supply “on-call” support that comes from overseas, costing valuable time. We are right here, 100%.

ServIT Principles

Getting Started with Managed Services

Allowing a managed service provider to handle your IT infrastructure requires a partnership. Your IT provider should be concerned with many aspects of how your company operates and is currently built. To help you get started we have developed a “checklist” that a true IT partner will be concerned with and we hope that this helps your decision.

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