Disaster Recovery

We have a range of solutions to fit your requirements. We can begin with hosting your redundant hardware in one of our data centers – providing you SOC-secured Power, Ping, and Pipe. We can also provide you with our full complement of disaster recovery solutions. This gives you unfettered access to our people and our processes.

Bottom line, you and your data are PROTECTED.

 Custom Run Book

You’ll be pepared with a high level Custom Run Book which will be customised for the needs of your company. This books is also paired with a formal planning guide so you’ll have a clear view of all your DR solutions.

 Site & Data Discovery

Our team will perform an in-depth analysis of your data and your needs.

Pre-Launch Validation

ServIT will deploy the framework of your disaster recovery solution into your environment and verify all systems are operational & ready to go into production.

Backup Begins

Once everything is configured and operational, we will begin to execute on your data backup protocol. We will ensure that backups are conducted in accordance with your desired RPO / RTO.


Your backup images will be periodically tested & validated to make sure you are in a constant state of readiness for a successful recovery.


Disaster recovery isn’t just about data backup… It’s about GETTING your data back up — in minutes or hours, NOT days. We recovery your business data so you can get back to business quickly.

Disaster Recovery Force Multiplication

With a network of 22 geographically separated data centers, our dedicated staff, and processes that work; ServIT has everything it takes to make sure you get back to work with minimal disruption EVERY TIME.

We have been down this road. We've learned hard lessons so you don't have to.

What do you do when you are down?

Disaster Recovery is often thought about in two contexts. The first context is when a business-critical server or application is no longer available to support your organization. Generally, this type of incident requires either restoring the server or application from existing backup media or rolling production over to a redundant system. ServIT has an entire group devoted solely to making sure you are always in a recovery-ready posture. We can help you design the processes and deploy the tools that are right for you and your organization.

What do you do when you are compromised?

But, what do you do when you lose an entire site? What do you do when every site or every server is compromised? What happens when your people can’t get to the building where they work? How do you stay in contact with your employees when there is no eMail or office phone to use?

ServIT can help answer before it happens!

We don’t need to tell you that weather events, ransomware / malware, and human error can be catastrophic. Losses like these can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue each day. You already know this. These are the things that keep you up at night. And, these are the precisely the questions ServIT can help you answer before they happen.

The time to plan is NOW!

In the middle of a declared disaster is no time to just let the world happen around you or to “wing it”. You must have a plan. ServIT can help you put together a recovery plan, while the waters are calm, that will help you stay organized and focused when the storms come in. We can help you understand, define, and execute the strategies and tactics that will get you back in business as quickly and responsibly as possible. Our Business Continuity Plan is a custom-tailored solution that takes every facet of impact and reaction into consideration.