Emergency Response

Emergency Rapid Response / ONLY

This offering is available on retainer ONLY.

For current customers or customers in the process of signing. Down systems, DR or “How we respond?” – ServIT has a Rapid Response Plan. If on retainer we will have a response system in place.

Are You Ready?

Site Down? Business-Essential Data Unavailable? Disaster Recovery Posture Imminent or Ongoing? Malware / Ransomware?

Many times, organizations are not prepared for these events. And, they never occur when you’re “ready”. Not only can ServIT help you prepare for when disaster strikes, but we are ready. In fact, we are always ready. ServIT maintains a Rapid Response Team that is ready to deploy on your behalf as soon as trouble strikes. This means, with one call; you can get back on the road to complete recovery.

Our team of seasoned professionals bring with them not only an in-depth technical skillset to support your IT infrastructure, but also the tactical leadership required to get you back to the business of your organization.

We have in-depth experience that gets you back up and running as quickly and responsibly as possible.