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ServIT knows hosting. And, we are guaranteed to have a service offering that fits your unique needs. Whether you need public cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), private cloud (hosting, colocation), or hybrid; you get the unmatched support of our people, processes, facilities, and our commitment to service.

22 geographically separated facilities in our hosting network

Access to our dedicated staff and experienced cloud architects

Guaranteed SLAs

24/7 Physical Security

SCO II Certification

Fiber loop to AWS PoP Facility


What's The Difference?


Cloud resources (servers & storage) are owned and maintained by a third-party provider and delivered over the internet. Examples of the “public cloud” include AWS and Microsoft Azure. All hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure is owned and managed by the provider. You share the same hardware, storage, and network devices with other organizations.

  • No hardware to buy & maintain
  • Highly Scalable
  • Reliable & Redundant


Private cloud means computing resources are used exclusively by you. The services and infrastructure are dedicated solely to your organization. This dedication of resources makes it easier to customize solutions that meet your unique requirements in support of your business-critical operations.

  • Customize the cloud to meet your needs
  • Dedicated resources mean higher levels of control & security are possible


A hybrid cloud deployment CAN be the “best of both worlds”. Properly deployed, you can gain the advantages of both the private and public cloudscape. You might use the public cloud for high-volume needs or where immediate scalability is a factor while still maintaining critical, low-latency data and applications in your private cloud environment. A hybrid cloud can also become your worst nightmare if consideration to the strengths and weakness of each platform are not properly considered prior to deployment.

  • Customize the cloud to meet your needs
  • Dedicated resources mean higher levels of control & security are possible


Your server sits in our rack and utilizes our power and bandwidth. Your team has complete control of updates and management. Colocation and Dedicated Hosting are two options when you demand high-quality and unmatched availability from your infrastructure. The difference comes down to the control required for your tasks and the level of expertise you have available within your organization. We can help you demystify off-prem solutions and get the greatest return on your investment in technology with a custom hosting plan.


Your server – physical or virtual. Your control over the details. We manage essential physical and administrative tasks, and deal with micromanaging the server.