Password Management

Your passwords and credentials are one of the most valuable assets your organization owns.

Never is this more clear than when an employee with access to critical systems terminates their employment. Privileged account credentials are also a common entry vector for malicious actors to compromise or penetrate a network. Additionally, many organizations are now subject to industry or regulatory compliance mandates or internal security policies that require reporting and audit trail capabilities that track privileged credential usage.

ServIT makes protecting yourself and your organization from these sorts of issues simple and straight-forward.

Level 1

Fully Managed by ServIT

Allow ServIT to setup and configure your Enterpsie Level Password Manager. With the Fully Managed by ServIT level of support you will receive the most benefts and have to worry less about the upkeep.

  • Enterprise Level Password Keeper
  • Setup (On-Premise or Web Version)
  • Configuration (included internal access levels)
  • Custom password management process
  • ServIT maintains passwords (all changes/updates)
  • Communication on expirations and a rotating password change schedule
  • Easy Auditing\Reporting
  • Application Updates

Level 2


ServIT can work hand in hand with your IT Staff to configure and maintain your Password Manager.

  • Enterprise Level Password Keeper
  • Work with your IT Team to Setup and Configure
  • Defined Roles and Responsibilities

Level 3

Managed by your team

Allow ServIT to walk you through purchasing the password management tool that best fits your organization as well as train your internal IT staff on setup and configuration.