ServIT Patch Management

Important Info:

  • Which patches are installed?
    Microsoft Security & Critical Only for Windows
  • How are patches installed?
    Using our Remote Management Tool
  • When are patches installed?
    • PCs – Thursday after Microsoft Patch Tuesday
      (every month)
    • Servers – Saturday after Microsoft Patch Tuesday
      (every month)
  • When are devices rebooted?
    • PCs – Users are given a 3 day window to reboot their PCs. A reminder will pop up for them.
    • Servers – Scheduled to reboot after patches installed

Custom Process:

If any of your devices require special handling please alert our team so that we can work together on a custom  patch process. Also if there are any special reboot processes please let us know as well so that we can document in our knowledgebase.

Notification & Reminders:

Monthly emails will be sent out to either the primary contact or the end users letting them know what day patches will be installed.