ServIT Assessment Offerings

What is an IT Assessment?

An IT Assessment is a comprehensive and thorough review of your entire technical landscape. It’s not enough to know what IP address your server has and how old it is. That’s only part of the picture. ServIT will give you unmatched visibility into how your hardware, software, operating systems, network devices, cloud services, appliances, systems, and processes all come together to support your business.

Benefits of an IT Assessment

ServIT understands that too often your internal technical staff is focused on putting out fires. Daily issues that arise may keep them a few steps removed from taking proactive measures to directly support your ongoing business activities and initiatives.

Our IT Assessment is a pro-active service that takes you out of the reactive mode of firefighting. It will help you prioritize your business objectives and maximize your ROI on your tech spend. The Technology Assessment Report will serve as a roadmap to guide you through all sorts of challenges.

  • Rapid Growth and Expansion
  • Globalization
  • Changes in the Competitive Landscape
  • Regulation and Compliance Requirements
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Cost-Reduction
  • Interdepartmental Adjacencies
  • Personnel Transitions

How Do You Know if Your Business Systems are Performing Well?

ServIT will evaluate each part of your IS/IT Environment across 12 distinct domains of performance. Each of these areas will be baselined against industry standards & best-practices OR your own specific performance requirements.

The results of this evaluation will be your “Assessment Score”. The assessment score identifies and prioritizes those areas where you can improve how your technology best supports your business goals.

Your IT Assessment Score

We don’t need to tell you all this information can be “complex”, to say the least. Your Assessment Score will be presented as a clear, concise executive summary with a simple “Red, Amber, Green” indicator and a score from 1 to 10 for each standard evaluated. All the details will be there too. But, you won’t have to absorb hundreds of pages of information just to know what areas may need attention.

Allow us to do the heavy lifting / Investigating

ServIT has an arsenal of Cyber Exposure applications. During your IT Assessment we will run a thorough vulnerability scan.

We will then share a detailed report with your team, which will not only point out vulnerabilities, but also provide a solution. This will allow ServIT to easily and quickly prioritize the criticality of these vulnerabilities; and provide a roadmap to resolution.