Update Management

ServIT’s Update Management services will allow you to focus on your business while we make sure that you are protected from outside vulnerabilities. No Matter What!

We have both conducted and been a part of innumerable IT Security Assessments. We have seen businesses with some of the most sophisticated security in the world. And, we have seen those sophisticated security systems be rendered meaningless without covering the “basics”. Update management is that “basic” foundation. Even beyond the very real need for update management in support of a healthy security posture; in any recovery scenario that requires vendor support, the first question they are trained to ask is…

Are you running the latest version of _____?

ServIT will make sure your answer is…


Baseline – Where are we starting from?

Before ServIT patches any of your devices, we will gather information regarding the current patch status of your devices. It is important to understand this status so that we understand the most critical devices in your environment as well as the devices that are the potentially the most vulnerable.

Testing – Is this update right for me?

ServIT is alerted whenever there are newly available patches & updated release-levels. This triggers our patching team to test out the new patches in our lab’s sandbox environment. We can exclude any updates that are believed to cause problems in your unique technology ecosystem.

Rollback & Remediation Planning – What if it goes wrong?

When applying ANY system update, it is important to have a roll back plan in case it causes a service or availability issue within your environment. ServIT stands ready to not only investigate the problematic update, but also roll back to a stable posture until an updated release level is available to fix the specific issue.

Quiet & Non-disruptive Deployment – What time is the right time?

ServIT uses tools that will quietly and safely download and install all approved updates. This can be done at any time you feel would be least impactful to your production. Your users will never know that patches are being installed on their PCs, and they will NEVER be interrupted during this process. And, you can rest easy knowing there is HUMAN on the other side of the process to make sure everything goes as planned.

Reporting – Where do we stand right now?

Our tools not only update your devices but can also report on your overall update status. We will run an Update Status Report before we patch your devices. In the case that some devices are missing much older patches; we will assess if those are updates needed any longer.