IBM Power Systems Lifecycle Roadmap

Buying Guide

What’s Your Drivers &
Current State?

Today you have three separate systems:

  • Power7 system – Prod
    (8202-E4B), 32GB mem, 300GB data, OS level 7.2
  • Power7 system – Dev
    (8202-E4B), 16GB mem, 450GB data, OS level 7.2
  • Power6 system – DR
    (8203-E4A), 32GB mem, 300GB data, OS level 7.2

You currently own all hardware and is under a support contract:

  • The Release Date of the systems was 9/17/2010
  • The End of Support for these systems is 9/30/2019
  • The last supported Operating System level is 7.3

What’s Your
Current Performance?

Average system performance is within Range.

  • CPU average good
  • Disk Space average good

Do you see, moments in time or have end users say they are experiencing performance issues?

What’s Are Your Business Requirements
for Future Growth?

  • The continued growth of the business warrants the evaluation of having highly available data to corporate personnel and customers.
  • The IBM Power System is critical for a business, so additional redundancy options might be helpful. 
  • Need to have budget numbers to evaluate options to address these requirements.


Because of these System coming to End of Support ( EOS )

Stay the Same:

ServIT does not recommend staying on this hardware.


ServIT does not recommend Upgrades to Memory and/or Disks.

Ran configuration for new Power9 systems

Buy New:

Consolidated the Development System into a LPAR of new system.


Priced out High Availability (HA) software and configured a HA system.

Priced out Cloud Solution with management


New System Option:

Buy New:

9009-41A (P05 SW group ), 64GB mem, six 387GB SSD, 3Y support

  • One in Corporate and one at the Distribution Center with HA SW and all installation services

$182,450 3yr Total Cost of Ownership

  • $61,505 per system + $59,440 HA SW & support with installation services.

ServIT Management $4,200 / mo.
( $3K invoice attached + HA Mgt.)

Cloud Option:


  • Configured system specifications in ServIT’s multi-tenant Cloud environment. Prod in ATL and HA in South Bend IN.
  • $27,000 OTC (migration , installation, configuration)
  • $10,626/mo.
  • ServIT Management included ( same as New Purchase )

PROPOSAL - Ongoing Report

Service Catalog

Level 1

Monitoring – 1-of-a Kind Micro Appliance

  • Host is “UP” and on the network
  • CPU State
  • Disk / ASP State
  • Database State
  • Login Service
  • Number of jobs in the system
  • Current Active Jobs in the System
  • Temporary Storage Used by Jobs
  • CPU Load
  • CPU Used by Jobs
  • Free Storage
  • Unanswered Messages
  • OutQ Files, Writer, and Status

Additional Offerings

Level 2

Controlling – Humans do the Controlling
(Includes Level 1)

  • Control & Remediate problems in real-time

ServIT has over two decades as a service provider in the AS400 ecosystem. Utilizing our internal workforce, we will control and remediate issues in real-time before they impact your business and your bottom line.

Level 3

High-Availability / Disaster Recovery
(Includes Level 1 & 2)

  • Ensure Role-Swap-Readiness
  • See High-Availability Flier*

We utilize custom-built systems and run our own daily checks. We leverage decades of experinece as an HA/DR provider to ensure your continuity plan is always in a state of role-swap-readiness. Ask us which solution is right for your enterprise.

Level 4

Renewals & Vendor Management
(Includes Level 1 -3)

  • Don’t want the hassle of keeping up with your support renewal agreements?

With over 20 years of experience as a VAR managing the complexities of a relationship with IBM, ServIT will manage and maintain version upgrades and support-level renewals.

Level 5

ServIT Cloud Offerings
(Includes Level 1 -4)

  • Facility constraints? 
  • Need to make better use of CapEx?

ServIT can leverage one of multiple cloud solutions that tailor fit to your business needs.

Level 6

Hardware Maintenance
(Includes Level 1 -4)

We do it like it used to be done. We will never mail you a box of parts and tell you to fix it yourself.